Advanced Chaplaincy Program

Objective of Advanced Chaplaincy

The Advanced Chaplaincy Program  prepares aspiring chaplains with knowledge and skills necessary for impactful professional chaplaincy. This framework consists of standards-based instructional courses that contain principles for effectively responding to various needs during crisis circumstances and for implementing crisis related management skills. It also distinguishes professional chaplains as they demonstrate the ability to engage in professional and organizational environments to intervene in circumstances of all types to support humanity. Presented in Phases of Study, each Phase is principle-based and provides skills for communication, leadership, business & organizational interactions, spiritual care, and other related areas expressed in chaplaincy. Upon completion of these courses aspiring chaplains will be able to: 

  • Employ effective communication skills while in crisis and disaster

  • Provide emotional care, spiritual care, and support during crisis-filled circumstances

  • Utilize business principles for the sake of logistics operations

  • Organize, lead, and employ strategies for disaster relief intervention

  • Collect and distribute goods, sustenance, and resources for resource distribution sites

  • Apply proper protocols for crisis intervention

  • Expand knowledge of aspects of spiritual care using Biblical principals