About The Program

Leaders and managers throughout an organization need the essential skills of speaking and understanding the language if finance. Smart business decisions rest on this fundamental knowledge. A clear understanding of financial analysis and management gives you credibility with finance managers and business leaders.

Whether you’re seeking to refresh your knowledge and skills or develop new expertise, our Certificate in Principles of Business and Financial Management is designed to provide a focused financial education on our 100% online learning platform. 

This certificate in business and financial management consists of courses that make it easy for you to understand financial terminology and concepts, giving you the necessary tools to communicate fluently in the areas of finances and business. Upon completion of the financial management program, you will have a solid foundation in business finance that will serve you throughout your career.


  • Interpret financial information
  • Apply common financial analysis frameworks in evaluating new projects
  • Consider risk and return in capital budgeting
  • Analyze the debt-equity ratio in capital structuring decisions
  • Effectively communicate operational and financial strategies

Who should take this course? 

Anyone interested in understanding the financial success of a business.

Areas of Study

  • Business Success and Profit
  • Business Statistics
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Sales Basics
  • Finances for Non-Financial Employees
  • Financial Bank Basics
  • Financial Statements
  • ROI
  • Financial Decision Making


  • 8 Credit Hours
  • 40 Course Hours


6 Weeks of Course Completion Time


Original Tuition Price  $1598.00

Advantages of Online Education

  • Access your classes anywhere
  • 24/7 learning
  • E-Learning Courses
  • Dedicated Email
  • No Campus Attendance Required

Program Certificates & TranscriptsUpon the completion of all program coursework and requirements, students will receive a standard electronic copy of their designated program certificate. They will also receive an unofficial copy of their transcript. Each document is included in the student's tuition cost. Students may purchase certified printed copies of their certificate  and official transcripts at any time following the completion of their program. Electronic versions of the certificate will be available within 1-3 business days of verified program completion.  

Printed Documents  In addition to receiving a standard electronic program certificate, students may also request a certified printed copy of the program certificate as well as an official transcript. Students must submit an email request for a certified copy of Camden University program certificate and/or official copy of their full program transcript to 

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