Camden Program Policies

Camden University & Graduate School of Theology’s Refund Policy

Refunds will not be granted after the student start date of courses (the date of program purchase). Students access will remain open as long as student is actively enrolled in the program within the allotted time frame. Program duration varies based on academic program.

  Students may submit a formal withdraw at any time HERE. However, students who withdraw will not receive credit for the program or coursework and will no refunds. In addition, student access will no longer be available.


Program Certificates & Transcripts

Upon the completion of all program coursework and requirements, students will receive a standard electronic copy of their designated program certificate. They will also receive an unofficial copy of their transcript. Each document is included in the student's tuition cost. Students may purchase certified printed copies of their certificate  and official transcripts at any time following the completion of their program. Electronic versions of the certificate will be available within 1-3 business days of verified program completion. 

Printed Documents 

In addition to receiving a standard electronic program certificate, students may also request a certified printed copy of the program certificate as well as an official transcript. Students must submit an email request for a certified copy of Camden University program certificate and/or official copy of their full program transcript to

Program Extensions

Students may request to extend the completion time of a given course by three weeks. Students may request up to two program extensions per certificate program. If program requirements remain incomplete following two request, student will be withdrawn from the program(s) and must  re-enroll at full program price. No previous coursework will be saved or will be applied towards new course credit. Extension requests  may be submitted HERE .

Additional Program Information

  • Only students who have completed ALL course completion requirements are eligible for program certificates.
  • Students who have not completed all coursework and requirements prior to the allotted time frame of their program may request a PROGRAM EXTENSION or request to withdraw.
  • Please note that students who submit a request to withdraw will not receive credit for the program, as all coursework will be  non-transferable to future programs. Students who withdraw or do not complete coursework during the standard program times frames must re-enroll at full program price.

Institution Policies 

Camden University & Graduate School of Theology reserves the right to change or modify any requirement of provision at any time without notice. This includes fees programs, courses, coursework, and other program features throughout the academic year. Camden University also reserves the right to require a student to withdraw due to circumstances deemed appropriate by the institution of learning at any time and applying appropriate procedures. 

For questions and information, email